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How to Order Pneumatic Parts Online: Step-By-Step Guide

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA on 7/22/2019
How to Order Pneumatic Parts Online: Step-By-Step Guide

When you use a pneumatic machine, you take pride in how efficient, clean, and inexpensive they are. Sometimes accidents happen, however, or parts wear down to the point of needing replacement.

Pneumatic repairs are ideally inexpensive. Even so, you want to keep on hand the parts that you need to make a replacement. Or you want to know where to order quickly when a pneumatic machine breaks.

A reliable parts supplier will help so that you can take security in your machine’s components. Having to change shops is a hassle, especially when many options exist online. How do you even choose where to get parts?

SMC is just the supplier you need, and we have a Parts Builder website where you can find the model you need. No need to worry about futile searching, and we provide reasonable prices for our customers.

Why SMC Parts Builder?

SMC Pneumatics wants to make the process easier for ordering your parts. Valves, motors, cylinders, and tools come in all shapes and sizes. They also may arrive via certain brands. You want to know which brands will and won’t work.

We have a search engine for when you want to find pneumatic parts by numbers. You can use that, and skip on to the other steps and head straight to the park. If you have any problems, our experts will assist you.

How To Order From SMC Parts Builder

There are several simple steps to ordering from SMC Pneumatics. Just follow them and you will have your part in no time.

Study Your Machine’s Instruction Manual

No, we are not kidding. Before you replace a part, you want to ensure that the problem has evaded all troubleshooting. You may have simply forgotten to clean the air or filter it out.

While it’s good to have extra parts on hand, you need to make sure that a quick fix is not the necessary step. The manuals will also list any other items you need for replacement, as we will discuss below.

Identify The Part You Need To Replace

This is relatively simple. You can find the model of your control valve on the device itself, within the instructions, or based on the search history of previous orders from other retailers. Some parts are interchangeable, such as certain valves and cylinders. Others may be harder depending on the complexity of your machine, and how many functions it performs.

Specificity is key. Does your valve have three ports? Four? Do you need a solenoid or air pressure valve, or a vacuum sensor or compound? The options can seem overwhelming. That is why we recommend going through the model and noting all the differences and details.

Find the model name, number, and brand if possible. Size can make all the difference in your replacement. The wrong fit can mean that when you turn on the switch, the air pressure can cause improperly sized cylinders to ricochet and damage the engine in your machine.

Browse And Search Product Categories

There are two options you have to look through our website: either search by model number or search by category. In either case, we have organized our stock so that you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Search by category is good if you want to find various options for your replacement part. Once you choose a category, select a sub-category and look through the series of parts. Each series will show the same type of product in variations so that you can pick and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Search by model number is quicker, and you are more likely to find your part, to check its availability. This will save you time in having to navigate various categories.

Read Through The Selected Product

Ensure that the part doesn’t have an updated version that you could use instead. Go through the details, study any warranty policies, and click to see if the product is available. Making sure that you can add the product to your cat will be a big help.

Select Your Product Options

Below the part, once you have selected it, you can customize it with varying options. These include the following: Actuation, Mounting/Porting, Seal, Pilot Specification, Back Pressure Check Valve, Pilot Valve, Coil Specification, Voltage, Light/Surge Suppressor/Common Specification, Manual Override, A, B Port Size, Thread, Mounting Option.

Once again, specificity is key. Know the voltage that your rodless cylinder needs, and what actuation is required to master airflow. Identify incompatible options, and adjust your options accordingly.

Check The Price of Your Product

Below, you will see how much your part costs. Double-check to ensure that it’s within your budget. If you want to triple-check availability, email the address listed next to the price and ask about the selected configuration. Then go to the “click to order” button and you will end up back on the main SMC page.

Chat Or Email About Availability

This option is available on the Product Page on the SMC Pneumatics official site. Do use the chat function and double-check to make sure that the model you want is available. Once you have verified this, add the product to your cart.

Purchase Your Part

Once you reach the cart, enter your store’s zip code and get an estimate on the cost of shipping. Once you go to checkout, log in all your shipping and contact information, especially for billing. If you want to sign up for an account so we remember you, you have that option. Then all you have to do is complete the order. Simple!

Learn More From SMC Pneumatics

When you start with your machine, you want to get the best price for the specific price that you need. If you are uncertain about the specific model that you need, then our experts over the phone or the Internet can make appropriate recommendations.

Reach out to us today. Do you want to find out more about ordering parts regularly? Or do you want tips on how to keep your pneumatic machine running? We can help with either process, and we will be happy to. Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to customer support.

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