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Compact Pneumatic Cylinders: Ultimate Buying Guide for 2019

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA- Orange Coast Pneumatics on 1/30/2019 to Pneumatics and Engineering
Compact Pneumatic Cylinders: Ultimate Buying Guide for 2019

Compact pneumatic cylinders are used in a wide range of industrial systems. As a leading provider of all pneumatic equipment, SMC Pneumatics presents you with your complete 2019 guide to buying compact pneumatic cylinders.

What are compact pneumatic cylinders?

Compact pneumatic cylinders are mechanical devices that generate a force in a reciprocating linear motion in an environment that offers limited space. These cylinders typically are available in…

  • Single-acting cylinders (The most common type of compact cylinder)
  • Double-acting cylinders (Occasionally)

…and more, depending on the specific use in question.

You’ll find these units being used in places where it is important that you get a consistent motion without fluid drip that could contaminate the outer surroundings. That means these units are often used in sensitive machinery. You’ll find these units used in smaller types of equipment and lighter duty operations.

Characteristics Of Compact Cylinders From SMC Pneumatics

When you work with us, you get compact pneumatic cylinders that are…

  • Perfect for all machine designs and systems with limited space requirements

SMC uses a “D-M9” design that won’t stick out from mounting grooves.

  • Square body design for maximum flexibility

Whether your unit is with a switch or without a switch, a cross-section of a cylinder tube has the same configuration.

  • Auto switch mounting meets any design requirement you need

Three sides on this piece…

  • ø12
  • ø16

…all 4 faces including port side on ø20, ø25.

  • Two-way basic mounting: Through-hole or both ends tapped

Typical mounting is two-way. You can choose either through-hole or both ends tapped mounting.

  • Non-rotating accuracy Non-rotating rod

Hexagon shaped cross-sectional shape piston rod delivers high non-rotation accuracy.

  • Reduced Installation Space Through Compact Design

SMC’s cylinder design features a compact foot bracket that is the same width as the cylinder. The overall width is cut back by 43%.

You Get More Compact Installation Space With This Model

This unit’s design makes short pitch mounting possible. It lets you install this unit close against a wall. The height from the bottom of brackets to the center of a cylinder is identical to the current model.

CQ2 Pneumatic Cylinder By SMC Pneumatics: Integrates With Your Auto Switch Systems

SMC CQ2 cylinder

When you need a pneumatic cylinder that allows you to mount auto switches, consider SMC’s redesigned CQ2 cylinder. This piece lets you mount auto switches on any of the four surfaces, depending on the conditions of the installation. We’ve replaced the mounting rails with auto switch mounting grooves because this prevents the projection of auto switches and makes the work easier and safer.

This model is available in…

  • Single rod
  • Double acting
  • Compact models
  • Wide range of bore sizes
  • Standard stroke ranges: 5 to 100
  • Port threads
  • Auto switch capable

Compact Guided Cylinder For Reducing Total Weight In Your Industrial System

SMC MGP cylinder

SMC pneumatics gives you a newly-styled MGP guided cylinder with a thinner plate and a shorter guide rod. This reduces the total weight of the system by up to 17% over the original MGP. This series is meant for high side load applications found in material handling, lifting and stopping. This cylinder creates a super compact body by using the cylinder body as part of the guide body. When the length of the stroke increases, the bearing length does too, which enhances the cylinder’s load-bearing capacity with longer strokes, two port locations, switch mounting grooves on two sides, and a T-slot that is far more adaptable when it comes to mounting than alternative models.

Compact Cylinder With A New Body From SMC Pneumatics: Perfect For Numerous Installation Conditions

SMC NCQ2 cylinder

SMC offers you a redesigned NCQ2 compact cylinder with a brand new body in this unit, which makes it possible to mount auto switches on any one of the four surfaces on this unit, which helps this piece configure with your installation conditions. This is a streamlined piece that keeps you free and safe from snags.

Compact Cylinder CUJ: Save Space In Your Industrial System With Small Units

SMC Pneumatics helps you save space in your industrial system with this CUJ mini-free mount series, which is super strong and compact. It is available in sizes ranging from 4mm to 10mm, and it features a stroke length of 20mm for double acting systems and 10mm for single acting.

SMC CUJ cylinder

Redesigned Compact Cylinder By SMC Pneumatics For Superior Mounting

We deliver you a redesigned CQ2 cylinder with a fresh body with mounting capabilities on any of the four surfaces depending on the installation requirements and conditions of your facility. This is a super clean and streamlined design in which the CQ2’s mounting rails are replaced with auto switch mounting.

Reduction In Labor Thanks To Smarter Design

SMC added pivot brackets for double clevis. This unit saves time designing a rotating bracket. You get improved amounts of mounting freedom. This can be mounted to an installed double clevis cylinder.

Contact SMC Pneumatics For Guidance In Choosing Compact Cylinders

We understand that every facility and industrial system is a little different. We are happy to offer guidance and advice on any of the compact cylinders we offer. Whether you are a technical expert or need things broken down in more accessible terms, we are happy to help. We’ve served numerous facilities in wide ranges of industries. Browse through our selections and specs for compact cylinders, and anything else you need. Contact SMC Pneumatics online to learn more.

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