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Top Directional Control Valves

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA on 6/26/2019 to Pneumatics

Directional control valves use different types of energy to open and close. You can use manual, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or solenoid energy depending on the model and their specifications. Manual valves rely on gears and wheels to function, which is why they tend to wear down the fastest.

What Is A Solenoid Valve and How Does It Work?

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA on 6/18/2019 to Manufacturing Technology

A solenoid is an energy source that uses electromagnetic coils to convert electric energy into mechanical. The valve uses a solenoid as its power source, which allows it to open and close for various appliances. Usually, its body is made of plastic, aluminum, brass or stainless steel. These elements are chosen because they are nonmagnetic and can work with the fluids or gases they regulate. The coil wires tend to be made out of copper, by which to conduct electricity.

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