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Gripper Auto Switches
Auto Switch drawing
  Auto-switch for robotic grippers  
  Can be used in various ways, depending on the number installed and the required detecting position.  
  Typical Specifications:  
Lead wire securing method   ... Axial direction.
Wiring method ... 2 wire system.
Application ... 24 VDC relay, sequence controller
Load voltage ... 24 VDC (10 to 28 VDC)
Load current ... 5 to 150 mA.
Internal voltage drop ... 3 V or less at 24 VDC.
Current leakage ... 1 mA or less at 24 VDC.
Indicator lamp ... ON: Red light emitting diode.
Body weight ... 1.8
Cable weight (per 1 m) ... 16
  Response time: 1 minute or less • lead wire: oil-proof flexible vinyl cabtyre cable, 2 wire, 0.5m • imapct resistance: 100 G • insulation resostamce: 50M or more, under test voltage 500 VDC (between case and cable,) • withstand voltage: 1000 AC 1 minute (between case and cable,) • ambient temperature: 10° to 60° • protective structure: IEC spec IP67, water-proof, oil-proof.  
  Order Info:  
Model Number Price
When calculating power requirements for Gripper Switch Option D-Y59B,
refer to the following formula:

Auto Switch Specs