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Air Filters

Air Filters

Find the air filters you need for your pneumatic machine. We have a broad selection here at SMC Pneumatics that will assist with effective air filtration. Browse our standard sizes and find the part that is right for you.

With some exceptions, SMC Pneumatics offers free shipping on a large number of products on orders over 300 US dollars.

Air Filters

Choosing Your Filter

You can get different sizes and types of air filters for your machines. They range from dryers to filter-regulators, and each can serve a particular purpose depending on what they will remove. Some are designed for specific pneumatic devices.

How do you choose the right model? Factors can include if you have irritants in the air such as deadly chemicals mold spores or pet dander, as well as the level of humidity. Water vapor and mold spores go hand in hand since mildew and other types of fungi are attracted to damp areas. Filter size will also determine how well the part will fit into your machine.

The dryness of air within the machine is another important factor in terms of functioning. This specifically refers to removing water droplets and vapor. Different industrial purposes require varying levels of dryness to function efficiently. If you get a dryer type of filter, you need to determine what level you need so as to optimize your machine operations.

Types Of Air Filters

Micro mist separators are one such type that are good for removing oil, dirt sediment, and water droplets. They are built to assist piston compressors, which is a standard model for pneumatic machines that implements displacement to operate. Use the brackets to attach them firmly and the normally open auto drain to clean out the machine. All of our sizes operate at a minimum pressure of 7 psi and a maximum of 150 psi.

Ambient air dryers, in contrast, focus on removing water vapors and droplets from the machine. They are good for when you work in extremely humid environments, or for home air filters in say refrigerators and air conditioning. Water vapor interfering can cause frost to appear over the cooling coils and affecting their performance. Always position the dryer far from the compressor to prevent any water molecules from escaping into the dry air.

Filter-regulators combine two parts to save space and ensure that your machine will perform double duty. You also get less piping and an auto drain to dispose of unwanted particles. Use the built-in pressure gauge to measure your machine’s performance and ensure that airflow is consistent.

Odor removal filters are the most complex models of what we sell here at SMC Pneumatics. Molecules determine odors and how they smell to us, as well as how they may irritate the human body. As a result, they tend to comprise of hydrocarbons that are at least .001 microns in size. Due to their diminished sizes, regular filters cannot trap them unless they are made particularly.

Activated carbon is the reliable standby for trapping these molecules. Our models use a layered system and a carbon filter to ensure that we trap all the molecules that can create unwanted odors in the workplace or in the home. You can breathe easily, knowing that you won’t be inhaling unpleasant scents.

Prevent All-Natural Clogs

Outdoor and indoor air is a renewable resource that costs nothing. It exists around us thanks to the Earth’s atmosphere and can be collected easily thanks to standard compressors. For this reason, pneumatic machines can last for a long time.

One inconvenience with natural air is that many dissolved particles exist in what we breathe and in the atmosphere. These can include water vapor, oil, and sediments tiny to the human eye. We measure them at the micron scale typically, with microns being one-millionth of a meter. Filters that capture smaller micron levels will ensure your air is cleaner.

While these substances aren’t hazardous, they can clog a machine. Or they can wear down parts and necessitate replacement. While pneumatic machines and parts are relatively inexpensive compared to their hydraulic and electric counterparts, you would rather keep maintenance as minimal as possible. That will cut down on costs and create a more viable budget.

Water vapor can cause damage when it condensates into droplets. This is bound to happen when the air is cooled past a certain threshold, which we call the dew point. Space also becomes more enclosed within pneumatic parts to increase air pressure. These are the perfect circumstances for condensation, which you would rather avoid.

In extreme cases, such as for railroad tank cars, you want to keep the water away from dangerous substances. Tank cars contain liquid chlorine which is transported for industrial purposes. Water vapor and chlorine will mix and create hydrochloric acid, a corrosive chemical that is dangerous for human beings.

With oil, the issue is that they create clumps. These clumps, in turn, clog the whole process and can also damage the parts’ varnish. When not causing clogs, the oil can also stop valves from closing properly, which affects air pressure. You could have varying pressures that have a negative impact on machine performance.

Water can cause unwanted oxidation, rusting the parts in your machine. Rusting will make your parts less functional and cause them to breakdown more quickly. You will get a shortened machine life if you don’t have filters to handle the issue. Air dryers are thus a necessity.

Get Better Air Quality From SMC Pneumatics

SMC Pneumatics wants to ensure that your machine lasts for a long time and serves you well. Whether you have AC filters or ones for a pneumatic press, we can help you find the model and size that will help your machine clear out sediment and water vapor better. Our experts know all about model sizes and specifications so that you can make your replacement easily.
Contact us today to find the right replacement air filter for you. See which parts will fit your piston compressor. You can get exactly what you need to keep your air clean.