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Online Distributor of Pneumatic Parts

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA- Orange Coast Pneumatics on 4/10/2019 to Pneumatics Products
Online Distributor of Pneumatic Parts

Imagine that you’re a technician who repairs pneumatic systems for a living. You’re regularly asked to swap worn parts out and make sure that everything attached to an air circuit is working properly. You notice that several valves or regulators are bad. After checking your supply stocks, you realize that the parts you have on hand aren’t compatible with the equipment you’re repairing.

While this might seem like a nightmare, it’s a scenario that plays out constantly in almost every industry that makes use of this kind of equipment. That’s why it’s so important to work with a good online distributor of pneumatic parts.

If you need to order an unusual size or a specialty part, then SMC Pneumatics has you covered. We make sure to have ample stocks of everything we carry at all times. All of our components are tested to ensure that they’re compatible with one another as well, which is particularly important for those who find themselves regularly installing new equipment from scratch.

Take a look at a few of the categories our replacement parts cover.

Check Valves

Many pneumatic technicians don’t put much thought into the kind of check valves they use until they fail. Check valves do something of a thankless job. They’re relied on to allow media to flow in one direction but not the other, yet almost nobody gives them the time of day.

However, you’ll eventually want to order some new ones, so it’s best to take the time and consider the issue now. We offer several different options, which should make the choice much easier even if you haven’t taken the opportunity to research the kind of valves installed in your workshop recently.

Our integral-fitting non-return valves are compact and simple to use. All you have to do to install them is push your tubing into the fitting. They can handle any pressure level from -14.5 psi all the way up to 145 psi. If you need something more durable, then you should take a look at our NAK series metal valves. They’re strong enough to post 217 psi proof pressure numbers and can take 3 psi of cracking pressure. They’ll even work in conditions as hot as 60°C.

Compact Cylinders

Our compact pneumatic cylinders are offered in two different form factors. Either of these can generate force by making a reciprocating linear motion without taking up too much space. Most use cases will call for single-acting cylinders, but we also offer double-acting modules for companies who value this choice. Depending on the specific use, we might even be able to deliver more esoteric solutions that fit certain situations.

Regardless of which type of model you pick, our cylinders provide a consistent motion without producing any fluid drip that could contaminate the surrounding area. That’s precisely why the medical and food packing industries rely so heavily on this kind of equipment.

Vacuum Valves

Whether you need to manage larger enterprise-level factory and plant equipment or just want to maintain a few small watercraft, vacuum valves are a critical component that you’re going to need to have on hand. They’re vital when dealing with a wide variety of pneumatic systems. Keeping a few spares around will ensure that you don’t have to worry about downtime should something happen.

SMC Pneumatics ensures that each of the valves we stock will hold up to plenty of reasonable usages, though, so you shouldn’t need to replace them very often. They can withstand quite a bit as long as you ensure that the solenoid valve is lubricated with something like class 1 turbine oil.

Best of all, our vacuum valves are resistant to vibration. Tests indicate that they won’t experience significant malfunctions between 45 Hz and 1 kHz. That’s quite a range considering that vibrations usually cause problems for vacuum valve installations. Perhaps more impressive, however, is the fact that they’re also resilient against mechanical shocks and vibrations.

Electronic Pneumatic Regulators

Our ITV2000 electronic regulators offer stepless control of air pressure that’s in direct proportion to an electrical signal that it receives. Air consumption is very close to 0 L/min ANR at the desired set pressure, and your technicians won’t have any difficulty reading the bright LED display.

These units switch an air supply solenoid valve on whenever the input signal rises. The exhaust solenoid valve switches to the off position at the same time. This causes supply pressure to pass through the supply valve and enter the pilot chamber. Each of these controls will swap position the moment that it senses the signal fall.

Easy Change Pneumatic Manifolds

Since they use patent-protected Easy Change fitting technology, our modular pneumatic manifolds and aluminum air manifolds are incredibly easy to swap out. These fittings allow your components to mount closer to one another than you ever thought possible. You’ll no longer have to rotate anything into position. Simply wrench the valve or other components onto the hex-style fitting and seal it with the included ring. You’re ready to go.

Standard fittings from ?-½” NPT are available as both male and female adapters. Our technicians are more than capable of putting together special sizes as well. If you’re in the process of installing an entirely new piece of pneumatic machinery, then you might also want to opt for these quality manifolds in standard size from the start. This will make any future expansions a breeze.

Ordering Pneumatic Parts from an Online Distributor

While you might be worried that you’d have to wait on hold for a long time for someone to pick up the phone, SMC Pneumatics has a fully-functional eCommerce site available for anyone who needs to order parts for compressed air-driven tools. All you have to do is contact us online today and we’ll get you in touch with an experienced expert. Don’t worry about sitting through a sales pitch, because we know you’re not here for that. You can expect nothing more than advice from someone you can trust.

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