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Manufacturing the Technology of the Future

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA- Orange Coast Pneumatics on 5/27/2015 to Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing the Technology of the Future

When it comes to technology and how it impacts our lives, manufacturing plays a big part. From the newest gadget to building life-saving equipment for hospitals, manufacturing technology has to evolve to keep up with the demand from consumers and the inventions of tomorrow.

Let’s look at a few of these inventions; what they do for us and what role manufacturing plays in bringing those technologies to the public.


Phones have evolved over time from phones tethered to your home to phones you can take with you around the world. Also, this technology of the future goes beyond phones, but also with watches that can function as phones and perform other complex functions. In fact, these devices have as much computing power in them as some desktop computers.

For instance, the Apple Watch is a mix of a watch and a communication/multi-function device. From talking with friends via your watch, text messaging to paying for your groceries, this is one of the future technologies that relies on manufacturing to get it to everyone. Are we ready for it? Only time will tell.

To produce these communication devices, manufacturing technology must keep evolving, too. With such mobile devices, manufacturers can better keep track of their processes and productivity with automated scanning and constant contact, no matter where they are located. In fact, there is even a possibility for manufacturers to turn phones into a Star Trek tricorders to scan and diagnose things like materials for production.


When you hear about robots, do you usually think of the movies? Yes, they do exist there and now they also exist in the real world. In fact, there is a high demand for engineers that can design, build and maintain robot systems.

One program at Georgia Tech nurtures our natural curiosity to know more about robotics and helps students use these technologies to build amazing robots that could help revolutionize the future for all.

When we say robots, we’re not talking about the kind that will rise up and take over the world, but instead, some like those that add to manufacturing technology to produce better products to consumers and businesses. These robot functions can range from putting cars together to those on the assembly line building physical products and even those that could one day help care for the sick in hospitals.

Self-Driving Cars

To get around, we rely on cars and other types of vehicles. What if the technology of the future improved upon our vehicles with self-driving cars? What if you could take a trip to the store or to another state without touching the pedals?

Again, sounds like a science fiction movie, but self-driving cars are under development, based on the 2015 SAE conference. Self-sufficient cars, such as those being developed at places like Google, are another innovation for manufacturing technology to move us into a world that could become more efficient and beneficial to consumers and workers alike.

Manufacturing the Technology of the Future

Through technologies like mobile, self-driving cars and robots, we can see manufacturing will keep evolving throughout the years.

Even that, what would you say to someone flying high above the clouds in a jet pack? Yes, it’s been done and just as we discussed above, these technologies wouldn’t be possible with proper manufacturing to build and scale all these cool inventions.

What are some of the innovations you see coming to manufacturing technology in the years to come?

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