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How Basic Pneumatics Help Disney Imagineering

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA- Orange Coast Pneumatics on 11/12/2014 to Basic Pneumatics
How Basic Pneumatics Help Disney Imagineering
How Basic Pneumatics Help Disney ImagineeringEver been to a Disney theme park? What about a Disney cruise?

If you have, you know how important it is for Disney to create a full experience for their guests. That’s where imagineers come in - they create amazing things for everyone to enjoy.

Of the feats they create, did you know these creative engineers also employ basic pneumatics in some of their creations?

It’s true!

To show you what we mean, let’s take a look at how these Disney teams work with pneumatics delight their guests, each and everyday.

Disney Imagineering: The Beginning

To build the great attractions, resorts, entertainment venues and cruise ship entertainment, a special type of person comes up with the ideas and implement them. These are the Disney Imagineers - they are a mix of scientist, artist, engineer and other key traits.

In the 1950’s, to add to the magic during the building of Disneyland, imagineers first came up with live characters who could move and some, even sing, but not walk. By combining pneumatics and engineering, these thinkers and doers brought Disney characters out of the big screen and into the real world.

These imagineers went on to develop even more advanced animatronic robotics.

Ever heard of the movie: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Have you ever visited the presidents in the Hall of Presidents, found at World Disney World?

Yep, all of those employ the innovations from the Disney Imagineering team.

Today’s Imagineer Creations

Today, imagineers use basic pneumatics, such as air tubes from vendors like SMC Pneumatics USA, and other high-tech components to create the next generation of robotics for characters in their theme parks; in their rides and in some of their branded entertainment venues, around the world. From characters who move and sometimes “dance” to the audio sounds you find in many of Disney’s attractions, this team of Disney artists and engineers are always hard at work to create even greater experiences that their guests will love.

Imagineering Creations at Work

When it comes to pneumatics, Disney imagineers don’t just use them for characters; they also use their pneumatics and engineering knowledge on other projects in the Disney realm. These projects include also include:
  • Fireworks displays – If you’ve ever visited a Disney theme park, you would know about the nightly fireworks displays. At Disney World, these fireworks go off above Cinderella’s castle, combined with a stellar light show for all to enjoy.
  • Roller coasters – Ever rode a Disney roller coaster? Sure, who hasn’t? What about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? Again, not only do basic pneumatics, such as cylinders, power the characters in that ride, they also drive the mechanics of the coaster itself.
  • Animals of the past – One of the interesting things about Disney Imagineering is their ability to bring things to life from the past. For instance, in many attractions, there are live “dinosaurs” and prehistoric creatures, all through audio animatronics and robotic movement.
Disney Imagineers Create Disney Experiences

From the early 1950’s to today, imagineers brainstorm and create some of the most amazing things for everything Disney. Without pneumatics, these creative engineers couldn’t bring the roars of long gone dinosaurs or the character movements who come to life from the big screen.

We hope this example of basic pneumatic implementation has inspired you! SMC Pneumatics USA, is powered by Orange Coast Pneumatics. Orange Coast Pneumatics (OcAire) is an official, national provider of SMC Pneumatics USA products. SMC offers 11,300 general pneumatics products, with over 560,000 variations, engineered to meet applications in every sector of the market, including basic pneumatics for engineering projects and Disney Imagineering. If you would like more information on our products and services, please visit us at our Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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