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Demand Increasing for Mechanical, Robotics Engineers

Posted by SMC Pneumatics USA- Orange Coast Pneumatics on 3/11/2015 to Engineering Growth
Demand Increasing for Mechanical, Robotics Engineers

Future of RoboticsIn today’s world, there are different opportunities for those with engineering skills and experience, specifically, those who specialize in robotics.

When you say robotics, many think of science fiction movies and how robots try to take over the world. Although entertaining, robots of today don’t fit this stereotype. Instead, there are many uses for robotics in manufacturing and other areas of industry.

To build these machines, however, engineers must create them. This is easier said than done, since there is a lack of qualified candidates to fill the overwhelming demand from employers.

Let’s look at that demand and how can we help improve the future of robotics for candidates and employers alike.

Engineers Wanted

Engineers are in high demand, especially those with specializations in mechanical and robotics. Whether it’s creating industrial structures, robotics for manufacturing or working with robots that serve the military on the battlefield, more employers want engineers that fit their specific skill needs.

One would think the lack of a four-year engineering degree would hamper one from engineering growth opportunities, but that is no longer a hurdle. Many companies now offer specific training in the in-demand engineering fields.

This might encourage more engineers to apply, but many don’t due to the nature of the work. For some, they may have to spend months or even years with a client to complete the work, which could be anywhere in the world.

Even with qualified candidates second-guessing their decisions, more companies look to sweeten the pot for in-demand individuals. The demand is so great that in different parts of the country, qualified candidates can write their own ticket. This shows in research from Wanted Analytics that shows help-wanted ads increased for robotics engineers by 40 percent in the first two months of 2012.

Future of Robotics

With more and more employers looking for candidates with robotics engineering skills, how do we help get them to the employers? First, to jumpstart engineering growth, we focus on education. We encourage more students to pursue an education in engineering, with specialization in robotics - such as a dual degree program that includes studies in robotics, software engineering and mechanical engineering.

In fact, more high schools have available after school programs in robotics and engineering. Through these programs, there are competitions to hone their skills, such as Botball and FIRST Robotics Competition. Along with these, there are also summer camps for robotics, which can all lead into 4-year and graduate degrees in engineering and robotics.

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