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Cylinders and Actuators

SMC's Z-Cylinders and Actuators offer some of the most innovative designs in the pneumatic industry. They are available in a wide variety of styles, including compact, guided and rodless cylinders as well as rotary actuators and grippers. All are created to provide you with an array of solutions to help meet your design needs, such as a wide range of bore sizes and stroke lengths, high precision performance, exceptional reliability, global activity, auto switch capability, multiple mounting configurations and a full compliment of standard options.


MHQ Heavy Duty Gripper

MHQG High Rigidity Gripper

MHQJ Low Contamination Gripper

MHL Wide Opening Parallel Gripper

MHR 2 & 3 Finger Gripper

MHS 2, 3 & 4 Finger Parallel Gripper

MHK2 Wedge Cam Parallel Gripper

MHC Angular Style Gripper

MHT Toggle Type Gripper

MHY2 180 Angular Gripper

MHW2 180 Angular Gripper

Cylinders & Actuators

(N)CQ2 & CQS Compact Cylinder

MY1B Basic Rodless Cylinder

MY1M Slide Bearing Rodless Cylinder

MY1C Cam Follower Rodless Cylinder

MY1H Precision Rodless Cylinder

CXS Dual Rod Cylinder

MXU Compact Slide

MXP Precision Guide Table

MXQ Precision Guide Table

MXF Air Slide Table

MXS Air Slide Table

MXW Air Slide Table

MGQ Compact Guide Cylinder

MGP Heavy Duty Guided Cylinder

MSUB Rotary Table

MSQ Compact Guide Cylinder

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