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SMC Electric Actuators


SMC Electric Actuators are offered in 3 Basic Types.

The LJ1 Series Single Axis Actuator is available with 2 Types of guides ( High Rigidity Direct Acting and Slider Type). There are 3 Types of Lead Screws Available (Ground Ball Screw, Rolled Ball Screw and Slide Screw Type which offers Low Noise 47-53dB).

The LG1 Series is a Low Profile/Non-coupling Type with Reduced Height and Length.
Low profile 55mm (35mm less than the LJ1H20), Reduced Length (62mm shorter than the LJH20). A Series with Coupling is available and can be used for non-standard motor mounting. There are 2 types of body material. In addition to aluminum frames, stainless steel are available for applications requiring more rigidity.

The LX Series are Short Stroke Type Actuators offering 3 Guide Variations.
The LXF is a Space Saving Low Profile Slide Table with Stepper Motor.
The LXP is a Guide Rod Type Actuator with Stepper Motor for use as a Lifter.
The LXS is a High Rigidity Slide Table with Stepping Motor for High Moment Loads. CE Marking is available as Standard. AC Servomotor specification on a made to order basis.

Each Series have an NC Machined Reference Plane and Positioning Pin Hole provided which improves the repeatability of actuator body mounting.

The LC Series Dedicated Controllers are for use with AC Servo Motors (LC1 Series) Controller has built-in driver and can be programmed via PC Software or using the LC1-1-T1 Teaching Box.
For Stepper Motors (LC6 Series) is DIN Rail Mountable and Controls Positioning by Pulse Signal, The driver can be controlled by general purpose PLC Positioning Unit or the LC6 Series Controller. With built-in positioning (pulse) output function your movement pattern can be directly specified by PLC with Reduces Your Design Requirements. When using the Teaching Box up to 16 Units Can be Set.

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