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IRV Vacuum Regulators

Series image - Reference only

IRV10/20 Vacuum Regulators
IRV Vacuum Regulators - American Standard
IRV10-N01-X3 Vacuum Regulator - 1/8" NPT Vacuum Regulator
IRV10-N01BG-X3 Vacuum Regulator - w/Bracket & Gauge
IRV10-N02-X3 Vacuum Regulator - 1/4" NPT Vacuum Regulator
IRV10-N02BG-X3 Vacuum Regulator - w/Bracket & Gauge
IRV10-N07 Vacuum Regulator - 1/4" OD Tube Connections
IRV20-N02-X3 Vacuum Regulator -1/4" NPT Vacuum Regulator
IRV20-N07 Vacuum Regulator - 1/4" OD Tube Connections
IRV20-N02BG-X3 Vacuum Regulator -w/Bracket & Gauge
IRV20-N11 Vacuum Regulator - 3/8" OD Tube Connections
IRV20-N03-X3 Vacuum Regulator -3/8" NPT Vacuum Regulator
IRV20-N04-X3 Vacuum Regulator - 1/2" NPT Vacuum Regulator

Irv  Vacuum Regulators - Metric
IRV10-C06 Vacuum Regulator - 6MM OD Tube Connector
IRV20-C06 Vacuum Regulator - 6MM OD Tube Connector
IRV20-C10 Vacuum Regulator - 10MM OD Tube Connector

Accessories - Brackets
Mounting Bracket for the IRV10  Vacuum Regulators
Mounting Bracket for the IRV20  Vacuum Regulators
Accessories - Gauges
Gauge for the IRV10  Vacuum Regulators
Gauge for the IRV20  Vacuum Regulators


Fluid Air
Set pressure range (Note 1)
-100 to -1.3 kPa
Atmospheric intake consumption (Note 2)
0.6 140 ℓ/min (ANR) or less
Knob resolution
0.13 kPa or less
Ambient and fluid temperature
5 to 60C
VAC side tubing O.D. 6, 8
1/4, 5/16
6, 8, 10
1/4, 5/16, 3/8
SET side tubing O.D.
Mass (Without accessories) Standard connections
135 g (IRV10-C08)
Single sided connections
125 g (IRV10-C08)
Note 1) Use caution it varies depending on the pressure in vacuum pump side.
Note 2) Taking air from atmosphere all the time.