ZL Series 3 Stage Vacuum Ejector Systems
Vacuum Start & Release Blowoff Valves available as an option
on the 112 Series shown lower right in the above image.
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(N)ZL112 with Valve Option (on/off & blowoff)
(N)ZL212 SERIES High Flow Series

The (N)ZL family of Multistage Vacuum Ejectors are pneumatically driven, energy saving, high flow, vacuum generators using 3-stage diffuser construction. The 112 series uses a single 3-stage diffuser and the higher flow 212 series uses 2 parallel 3-stage diffusers.
Both units are compact in size fully integrated

(No External Plumbing of gauges, switches, silencer or valves)
and offer high vacuum flow rates with minimal air consumption. The 112 Series provides a suction flow rate of 3.5 SCFM and consumes 2.2 SCFM of air. The 212 Series provides a suction flow rate of 7.0 SCFM and consumes 4.4 SCFM of air. Both Deliver up to 24.9"Hg maximum vacuum pressure at 72PSI.

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