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SMC's flow controls offer a wide variation of sizes and configurations.
This along with built in One-Touch fittings and optional UNI-Fit threads,
provide significant time saving advantages.
Couple that with SMC's highly accurate flow controls and
inexpensive and precise motion control is accomplished.

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Series ASD, Dual Speed Controller,
allows metering of air both into and out of the cylinder.
This space-saving design eliminates
the need for a second flow control,
or when used in combination
provides superior actuator control.

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Precision engineering of SMC
Flow controls allow for accurate
control of cylinder stroke (even at low speeds).

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Inline flow controls can be panel mounted,
mounted in series or used by themselves
to offer the greatest amount of flexibility.

Integral One-Touch  fittings provide
"tool-free" tubing connection and disconnection
allowing for quick installation and maintenance.

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  • Flow can be controlled either entering the cylinder "meter-in" identified by a black zinc chromate lock nut or exhausting from the cylinder "meter-out" identified by a nickel plated lock nut.
  • Retaining ring prevents accidental loss of flow needle during adjustment and operation.
  • Three standard shapes: elbow, universal (offset inline), and inline allow design flexibility.
  • One-Touch fitting accepts Polyurethane, Nylon, and Soft Nylon tubing.
  • The composite body allows the flow control to be swiveled into proper position after the threads have been tightened.