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Stainless Steel Cylinders
Stainless Steel Cylinders photo
Stainless Steel Cylinders - Order Info
Part Number Description Price   Part Number Description Price
40mm Bore x 1" Stroke $151.50   63mm Bore x 4" Stroke $245.81
40mm Bore x 2" Stroke $155.31   63mm Bore x 5" Stroke $251.44
40mm Bore x 3" Stroke $159.13   63mm Bore x 6" Stroke $257.06
40mm Bore x 4" Stroke $162.94   80mm Bore x 1" Stroke $312.44
40mm Bore x 5" Stroke $166.75   80mm Bore x 2" Stroke $320.25
40mm Bore x 6" Stroke $170.56   80mm Bore x 3" Stroke $328.06
50mm Bore x 1" Stroke $194.81   80mm Bore x 4" Stroke $335.88
50mm Bore x 2" Stroke $200.44   80mm Bore x 5" Stroke $343.69
50mm Bore x 3" Stroke $206.06   80mm Bore x 6" Stroke $351.50
50mm Bore x 4" Stroke $211.69   100mm Bore x 1" Stroke $428.44
50mm Bore x 5" Stroke $217.31   100mm Bore x 2" Stroke $443.31
50mm Bore x 6" Stroke $222.94   100mm Bore x 3" Stroke $458.19
63mm Bore x 1" Stroke $228.94   100mm Bore x 4" Stroke $473.06
63mm Bore x 2" Stroke $234.56   100mm Bore x 5" Stroke $487.94
63mm Bore x 3" Stroke $240.19   100mm Bore x 6" Stroke $502.81
  100% Stainless Steel Cylinders  

For use in environments with water spray, such as food processing machines.

Uses grease for food processing machines that meets FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) standards.

The use of non-toxic additives allows confident use in equipment for foods, beverages and medical products, etc.

Special scraper (standard) prevents water from entering the cylinders.

Our Stainless Steel Cylinders can be disassembled.
Replacement of seals promotes an extended service life.

Stainless steel (SUS304) is used for external metal parts. Corrosion resistance is improved, even in environments with exposure to water.

Exterior configuration reduces residual liquid
- Electropolishing of mounting bracket surfaces makes them smoother to prevent build-up of liquids and foreign matter.

Action Double acting single rod
Fluid Air
Proof pressure 1.5MPa
Maximum operating pressure 1.0MPa
Minimum operating pressure 0.05MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature Without auto switch: -10 to 70° C,
With auto switch: -10 to 60° C
Cushion Rubber bumper, Air cushion
Piston speed ø40 to ø63 50 to 1000mm/s
ø80, ø100 50 to 700mm/s
Thread tolerance JIS class 2
Stroke length tolerance ø20 to ø63 to 1000 +1.4/0 mm, to 1200 +1.5/0 mm
ø80, ø100 to 1000 +1.4/0 mm, to 1500 +1.5/0 mm
Mounting Basic type, Axial foot type, Front flange type,
Rear flange type, Integral clevis type

Stainless Steel Air Cylinders

Get high-quality stainless steel cylinders here at SMC Pneumatics. When you need a cylinder that can work well with liquids and safety standards, the stainless steel is the right one for you. You won’t have to worry about extensive cleaning, or needing to replace parts sooner than normal. Our products are durable and made to last. Meet all FDA requirements and regulations, while delivering quality to your customers at the same time.

Durable 304 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has a history of resisting corrosion and rust. It’s an alloy with steel, nickel, and chromium and is given heat-treatment to increase durability. Chromium and the other metals create a miniature barrier for corrosive substances and maintain a solid surface with no leaks. The costs are lower as a result since stainless steel lasts longer and requires fewer replacements than for other metals.

In addition, stainless steel is very easy to clean. At a minimum, it requires simple soap and water to remove grime and oil. With professional processes, however, stronger detergents and soaps are required. This is especially important when certain machines use grease and oils for manufacturing.

One of the grades used is 303 stainless steel; others include 304, 31 6, and 17-PH. At SMC Pneumatics, we sell 304 grade in our cylinders. These are all made for durable processing. You won’t be disappointed by the quality when implementing them in your machines.

Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, And Other Applications

In food processing, the equipment has to clean easily and not add inadvertent toxins to any of the products. Usually, the cleaning chemicals are strong and applied constantly to avoid contamination. They also run the risk of corroding the equipment parts with their potent chemicals. Also, food processing that requires grease will slow down the process.

Food safety is a serious concern, with ensuring that every dry good and perishable one will contain no contamination or serious rotting. The United States Food and Drug Administration is actually the government agency that oversees food processing technology. When fresh foods require freeze-drying or artificial sweeteners, the FDA runs tests to ensure that every product is safe and ready to eat. You want to pass every one of those tests.

The medical industry also wants to ensure that products are free of contamination. Lack of sterilization can lead to serious illnesses. Many medicines require precise measurement of ingredients to ensure that they work. The machines involved in pharmaceuticals, especially oral ones, need to be clean and accurate. Every product thus must be tested and meet stringent guidelines.

We obviously do not want to poison anyone when making these products, and the right material can make all the difference. If you need to clean less often with bleach, then it is less likely that bleach will end up in food products. The odds improve for meeting state and federal regulations and avoiding the bad publicity of an outbreak.

Other industries that use these cylinders include water and sewage, oil pipeline drilling, and coastal power plants. This wide range of applications still prioritize safety for the users of the products made as well as for the machines’ operators. Leaked sewage can cause health issues or red tide algae that kills marine life. In the case of oil, the grease involved can cause clogs and an oil leak can cause dangerous spills, which have destroyed the fishing industry in several costs.

100% Stainless Steel Cylinders

These series cylinders are built for use in environments with water spray, such as food processing machines. Never worry about potential rusting or corrosion for your processing methods. Your machines will have a smaller exposure to potentially damaging water vapor.

Each cylinder uses grease for food processing machines that meet FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) standards. You will always abide by regulations when using our products. Increase your machine’s shelf life, as well as that of your edible products.

The use of non-toxic additives allows confident use of equipment for foods, beverages, and medical products, etc. No product will risk contamination when made using our cylinders. Simply ensure that they are cleaned regularly, and you will have no problem.

A special scraper (standard) prevents water from entering the cylinder. That way the water won’t mess with the grease used and cause other interior parts of the machine to rust with exposure to vapor.

Our Stainless Steel Cylinders can be disassembled for improving the interiors. You can replace rod seals and ensure that the whole keeps functioning within the machine. Replacement of seals promotes an extended service life.

Stainless steel (SUS304) is used for external metal parts. Corrosion resistance is improved, even in environments with exposure to water. As we discussed, you are making an investment in high-quality metals that are designed to survive intense processing and cleaning.

An exterior configuration reduces the residual liquid. Manufacturers have implemented electropolishing of mounting bracket surfaces. The process makes the surfaces smoother to prevent a build-up of liquids and foreign matter. That way there will be no clogs, and the machines are less likely to break down.

Extend Your Cylinder Life With SMC Pneumatics

Do you want a pneumatic parts distributor that can find the right models for you, with accurate measurements? We can help you find them. Our experts know which models go out of stock, which are suitable replacements, and what different parts may help your machine function better.
Contact us today to find your cylinder. We’ll get your machine up and running, and matching all regulations for the food industry, pharmaceuticals, or others. Our experts will know which parts will add the boost that your processing needs.