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Safety Related Products

SMC Pneumatic Safety Related Products

SMC believes that worker safety and increased productivity go hand-in-hand. It is not mutually exclusive. You can have both. Through efficient design, you can reduce risk and increase productivity at the same time. SMC has developed a variety of safety related components that can be used in a safe pneumatic system.

Safety Standard

Special products that conform to ISO13849-1 safety standard, categories 1 thru 4.


SMC has numerous solutions for load drop prevention. End lock cylinders lock and hold the load at the end of stroke. Locking cylinders have the ability to lock a load anywhere within the stroke. Series ASP is a speed controller with an integrated pilot check valve. This combination makes it possible to control cylinder speeds and permits temporary intermediate stops. 5-port solenoid valve combines the double check block with a 3-position exhaust center solenoid valve will enable the cylinder to stop in the middle of maintain its position for long periods of time.

Pressure Exhaust

These products are used to release pressure that may be trapped downstream. Available with one-touch fittings and standard threaded style these speed controls are clearly identified by the eye catching red adjusting knob and integral release button. The valve units can be locked in the exhaust position and can be an integral part of an energy isolation system.

Actuator Lurch

Control valves with cylinder speed control function and rapid air supply function. The meter-out style also uses a fixed throttle. This prevents accidents caused by the cylinder rod sudden extensions by effecting meter-in control when there is no pressure, and resumes the ordinary meter-out control after the cylinder has been pressurized.

Unintentional Use

Series VR51 is a safety valve for applications where machine operation with two hands is recommended. The VHS series provides a convenient means of isolating supplied pressure in a pneumatic system and exhausting downstream pressure for maintenance purposes. The units can be locked in the exhaust position and can be an integral part of an energy isolation system.