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Mushroom Push Buttons

Mushroom Push Button

Imagine the worst disaster you possibly could. Do you trust that your workshop’s fail-safes would actually work in a time of crisis? Being able to count on your gear when it really matters is of vital importance regardless of what kind of business you’re involved with.

Mushroom push buttons are every bit as sturdy as they are useful. If you wire one to an emergency shutoff system, then you can expect that it will perform just as well after sitting on the wall for a while as it does today. This makes them the ideal option for those who have to comply with certain safety requirements or who want peace of mind when dealing with potentially dangerous pneumatic equipment.

Remember that compressed-air driven gear is quite safe, so you may never need this kind of safety equipment in place anyway. Nevertheless, you don’t want to make cutbacks when it comes to the safety of your crews.

SMC Pneumatics has the components you need if you’re looking to revolutionize your workplace’s business practices. Of course, there are dozens of reasons you’d want to install mushroom buttons other than safety ones. They make excellent on/off and start/stop process controls. Since they’re able to take a beating, they’re perfect in relatively harsh conditions.

Perhaps most importantly, they’re brightly colored and very noticeable so your staffers will be able to find one in a pinch. A larger number of varieties exist on the market too, so you’ll be able to find something that fits your company’s needs.

Consider the following specifications for instance:

  • Panel Mount Dimensions: 30.5mm
  • 2 Way – 1/8? Port Size .14 CV
  • 3 Way – 1/8? Port Size .38 CV
  • 4 Way – 1/4? Port Size 1.00 CV

This diverse collection of parts enables your technicians to find just the right button no matter how many lines have to go into it.

Finding The Right Size Panel For Your Buttons

At 30.5 millimeters, the panel mount dimensions of these buttons are just over 1? inches. That makes them small enough to fit in a majority of situations while still more than large enough for crews to easily find them without having to look around. You shouldn’t have any difficulty mounting them in any direction as a result. Some people prefer to have them installed on the wall, which is good in a formal industrial setting.

You may have seen amusement operators mount these buttons on a control panel before, which is a very popular choice with technologists who need to access more than one switch at a time. Depending on your company’s specific needs, you might also want to mount one directly on the piece of equipment in question.

Due to the convenient size, you should be able to mount your new mushroom push button far enough away from any moving parts that there’s never a risk of someone putting their fingers too close to them.

Selecting The Best Color

Visibility is always a concern when working with any kind of industrial machinery. While pneumatic equipment is highly efficient, it often features the natural color of the underlying metal it’s made from. Some workshops have a noticeable uniform look as a result, which admittedly can appear quite professional. However, it’s often drab as well.

That can make it difficult to find the right control when you need it. Mushroom push buttons come in the following colors so you’ll see them right away:

  • Black Push Button
  • Red Push Button
  • Green Push Button

While some people might think that the only reason that anyone would want a choice of colors is that they’re contemplating being some sort of industrial designer, this actually enables you to identify which switches do what functions at a glance. A green switch might kill one air circuit while a black one might take out another. Printed labels can be easily affixed underneath the buttons, which eliminate any ambiguity due to lighting. This also makes distinguishing them more possible, even when color recognition is a concern.

You Have Your Choice Of Functionality Too

Some circuits call for three-way switches while others call for four-way ones. Our stock of mushroom push buttons include both options, so you have your choice of functionality no matter how you prefer to assemble air circuits.

Keep in mind that these are relatively interchangeable. If you start with a three-way push button and need to install one with an extra input later on, then you can perform these modifications in little to no time.

In most circumstances, these buttons should last for quite some time. Should one eventually fail due to whatever reason, you shouldn’t find it hard to replace it with an identical one. Each unit serves as a drop-in replacement for whichever size you select. Both ?-inch and ¼-inch versions are offered, and those using ?-inch ports can find very traditional two-way push buttons on the market as well.

Say you needed to turn a single line on and off regularly. Standard buttons would work quite well in this situation. They’re also a good idea if you want to add an emergency stop to a single line. Since these feature only two input ports, they’re very easy to plan out. Think of them as a single door between two separate passages. Media can pass through the door only when it’s opened up.

Getting The Right Mushroom Push Button Devices For Your Business

All this choice might seem a little confusing at first, but it doesn’t have to be. These options are there to make things easier rather than harder. In many cases, you might already have an air circuit planned out and therefore know exactly what sort of equipment you were planning on using.

If you don’t have any idea, then you don’t have to worry. Just contact us online today and speak with one of our experienced representatives. SMC Pneumatics has helped everyone from large enterprise-level businesses to small local companies expand their operations and revamp the compressed air-driven equipment that powers the work they do.