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An overwhelming majority of businesses that rely on compressed air-driven machinery are using the wrong pneumatic valves. If you’re quick to say that you’re sure every workshop you manage has the right kind of equipment, then you should take the opportunity to give it a second thought. More than likely, you’re not using the best designs for your particular use case.

Most people are simply used to regularly replacing valves as they wear out. If they’re experiencing high attrition levels as a result of a mismatch, then they simply put up with it. At SMC Pneumatics, however, we make sure to use industry-leading valve performance advancements that include:

  • High flow capacities, even from compact designs
  • Very low levels of power consumption
  • High response speeds
  • Long operational life
  • Onboard surge suppressors
  • Indicator lamps

Take a look at the following devices and see how these engineering advances and many others can revolutionize your company’s workflow.

4 Way Mechanical Valves

Reliability is always the name of the game at SMC, which is why these mechanical valves are designed to offer life ratings between 50 and 200 million cycles depending on how they’re used. They offer manifold options that include built-in one-touch fittings and sophisticated pre-wired electrical connections. Since they come with a serial interface, they’re very easy to get up and going. Maintenance and control are a breeze.

Each of these four-way valves are designed to meet or exceed all relevant general industrial standards. They’re designed to be relatively simple and have as few moving parts as possible. Best of all, they’re made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum and feature die cast bodies that make them especially durable. Buna N seals ensure positive operation and good control over the flow of air or another similar medium.

Each of these units is offered in several different body sizes and are capable of mounting a number of different interchangeable actuator assemblies, which can help companies meet their system requirements. Whether you’re a larger enterprise-level firm or someone who uses a few simple compressed air-driven amusements, they’re a very strong option.

Specialty Valves

Our specialty valves come in two different varieties, and either is an excellent choice for those specific situations where you need something other than a standard mechanical or soft start valve.

Air timers and time delayed relays are normally used when you need to delay the air signal that goes in or out of your air component. Depending on which option you go with, the delay can be adjusted for as long as a minute or as short as a half-second. Both of our NVR and KLC models are offered in ?” port sizes. Both of these options are normally closed. When the delay trigger hits, they open up. If you prefer to stick with ?” ports but want something that’s normally opened and only closes when the trigger gets tripped, then you might want to look into the KLH line.

NAQ series quick exhaust valves, on the other hand, are used whenever you want to quickly vent off some exhaust air at the cylinder ports. In some instances, you may not want to port the exhaust all the back out through the valve. This makes these attractive in situations where you need to speed up the operation of a cylinder. You’ll be able to find them in all of the following port sizes:

  • ?”
  • ¼”
  • ?”
  • ½”

3 Way Valves

Some of the more popular options these days come in the form of three-way valves. SMC Pneumatics offers several different types to meet the diverse needs of a number of very unique business operations. No two workshops are quite the same, so there’s no reason that everyone should be using the same valves either.

3 Way Mechanical Valves

These are designed in much the same way as our slightly larger four-way options, and they feature the same reliability features. You might say that they’re miniature beasts designed to work in areas that would stop other pneumatic valves dead in their tracks. If you’re looking for something that supports a number of different interchangeable actuator assemblies, then these units should be able to handle any task you set them to do.

Lockout/Tagout Valves

These are perfect if you need a triple port valve to release residual pressure on the downstream side of an air component. Each of these valves features small tabs on the handle, which allow you to lock it and tag in order to comply with specific OSHA requirements.

Soft Start Valves

Every soft start valve comes fitted with a dump valve that’s actuated by an electrical solenoid. They feature an operating pressure range from 27 to 145 PSI and can handle anywhere from -15 percent to positive 10 percent of their original rated voltage. As the name suggests, they allow pressure to build up slowly when a machine is restarted in order to improve safety levels when working with sensitive equipment.

Large 3 Way Valves

Workshops that have to deal with upwards of 2? pipe can employ these valves, since they’re more than capable of dealing with these larger diameters. They also come in 1? and 1½” varieties.

Vacuum Valves

Any piece of equipment that relies on a vacuum relies on these valves. Even those without a technical background have probably run into them once or twice, since they were once widely used on consumer-grade vacuum cleaner assemblies in the past. Suction machines and other devices continue to employ these unique valves.

Finding the Right Pneumatic Valves for Your Business

Whether you’re filling out a requisition order for a large enterprise-level firm or you run a tiny place with just a couple of close buddies, you can find the right valves and fittings by shopping with SMC Pneumatics. Contact usonline when you’re ready to learn more about what options are available to you. An experienced member of our team can help you find the right parts for your company so you’ll never have to worry about not having the best components on hand again.