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Stainless Steel Cylinders
Stainless Steel Cylinders photo
Stainless Steel Cylinders - Order Info
Part Number Description Price   Part Number Description Price
40mm Bore x 1" Stroke $151.50   63mm Bore x 4" Stroke $245.81
40mm Bore x 2" Stroke $155.31   63mm Bore x 5" Stroke $251.44
40mm Bore x 3" Stroke $159.13   63mm Bore x 6" Stroke $257.06
40mm Bore x 4" Stroke $162.94   80mm Bore x 1" Stroke $312.44
40mm Bore x 5" Stroke $166.75   80mm Bore x 2" Stroke $320.25
40mm Bore x 6" Stroke $170.56   80mm Bore x 3" Stroke $328.06
50mm Bore x 1" Stroke $194.81   80mm Bore x 4" Stroke $335.88
50mm Bore x 2" Stroke $200.44   80mm Bore x 5" Stroke $343.69
50mm Bore x 3" Stroke $206.06   80mm Bore x 6" Stroke $351.50
50mm Bore x 4" Stroke $211.69   100mm Bore x 1" Stroke $428.44
50mm Bore x 5" Stroke $217.31   100mm Bore x 2" Stroke $443.31
50mm Bore x 6" Stroke $222.94   100mm Bore x 3" Stroke $458.19
63mm Bore x 1" Stroke $228.94   100mm Bore x 4" Stroke $473.06
63mm Bore x 2" Stroke $234.56   100mm Bore x 5" Stroke $487.94
63mm Bore x 3" Stroke $240.19   100mm Bore x 6" Stroke $502.81
  100% Stainless Steel Cylinders  

For use in environments with water spray, such as food processing machines.

Uses grease for food processing machines that meets FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) standards.

The use of non-toxic additives allows confident use in equipment for foods, beverages and medical products, etc.

Special scraper (standard) prevents water from entering the cylinder.

Our Stainless Steel Cylinders can be disassembled.
Replacement of seals promotes an extended service life.

Stainless steel (SUS304) is used for external metal parts. Corrosion resistance is improved, even in environments with exposure to water.

Exterior configuration reduces residual liquid
- Electropolishing of mounting bracket surfaces makes them smoother to prevent build-up of liquids and foreign matter.

Action Double acting single rod
Fluid Air
Proof pressure 1.5MPa
Maximum operating pressure 1.0MPa
Minimum operating pressure 0.05MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature Without auto switch: -10 to 70° C,
With auto switch: -10 to 60° C
Cushion Rubber bumper, Air cushion
Piston speed ø40 to ø63 50 to 1000mm/s
ø80, ø100 50 to 700mm/s
Thread tolerance JIS class 2
Stroke length tolerance ø20 to ø63 to 1000 +1.4/0 mm, to 1200 +1.5/0 mm
ø80, ø100 to 1000 +1.4/0 mm, to 1500 +1.5/0 mm
Mounting Basic type, Axial foot type, Front flange type,
Rear flange type, Integral clevis type